Foundation Health Check

Foundation Health Check: Protect Your Home with Houston Foundation Repair

Houston’s heat and humidity levels can take a toll on your foundation, leading to cracking and shifting. At Houston Foundation Repair, we understand the unique challenges faced by homeowners in this climate, and we’re here to help. Our team of professionals specializes in a range of services, including foundation repair, tunneling, and plumbing solutions.

Why Choose Houston Foundation Repair:

Your foundation may start to settle due to soil shifts beneath your house. Recognizing the signs of foundation damage early is crucial. Look out for these indicators:

Inside Your Home:

Misaligned windows and doors

Sheetrock cracks

Molding gaps

Sloping floors

Floor or tile cracks

Outside Your Home:

Gaps around windows and doors

Foundation cracks

Trim pulling away

Cracks in bricks

In Your Basement or Crawl Space:

Cracks in walls

Sloping floors

Doors that won’t close

Shifting piles in the crawl space

Bowing or bulging basement walls

Wall cracks

Moisture problems

Understanding Foundation Cracking:

Foundation cracking is primarily caused by fluctuating moisture levels and soil expansion. When the soil absorbs excess water, it swells, and when it dries out, it shrinks. Inconsistent moisture levels beneath your home can result in pressure on the foundation, leading to cracks and settling.

Sources of Moisture Problems:

Moisture problems can stem from various sources, including humidity, rain, flooding, plumbing leaks, improper drainage, and a high water table. Soil around your home’s perimeter tends to dry out quickly during droughts.

Construction-Related Issues:

Mistakes made during the pre-construction phase can also contribute to foundation problems. Inconsistent soil compaction or building on different soil types can lead to uneven settling during seasonal shifts in temperature or humidity levels.


No matter the cause of your foundation damage, we have the expertise to repair existing damage and prevent future issues. Contact us today at Houston Foundation Repair Company LLC